Our company

SpecialAcciai comes from the founding members long experience in steel trading firstly, especially in the Lamination and later specializing in the working and production of Magnetic Cores for the construction of Electrical Transformers.

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Our Experience

Since 1988 the founding members are working in the transfomer industry employing about 100 people in different production units. In the last few years SpecialAcciai has made investments in research and development of innovative technologies and materials: starting from 2013 it has increased its production capacity and has significantly improved the quality of its products.


The main mission of SpecialAcciai is to provide its custoers with compliant and quality products thanks to the commitment, the passion and professionalism of all workers SpecialAcciai means commitment, passion and responsibility for our Clients.

Production units

Are arranged on an overall area of 23,000 square meters and have a production capacity to over 1,000 tons / month thanks to:

  • 4 Slitting lines.
  • 7 Cutting Machines 45° and 90°, with semiautomatic cutting and assembly systems.
  • 1 Unicore Machine.
  • 14 Cores assembly tables, two of them with capacity up to 30 ton.
  • 2 Painting roons.
  • 1 Testing room.
  • 1 Anechoic chamber for testing noise on cores.
  • 1 Laser machine for production of steel works.
  • 1 Bender.
  • 1 Welding station.

Where we are

How to reach us.