SpecialAcciai works under contracts providing services in design and manufacturing of magnetic products, grain oriented and laser. Our products are designed for various applications: photovoltaic, wind power, traction, furnace and other special energy applications. The raw material is supplied to SpecialAcciai by the major steel mills in the world which certify the quality. SpecialAcciai do random tests on delivered coils; after that the losses are tested and guaranteed in our testing room.

Today SpecialAcciai is able to produce and certify cut-to-size laminations and assembled cores with power from 10Kva to 100 Mva.

Structural works

SpecialAcciai è is able to provide every type of structural works existing on the market since it internally has laser trimming lines and equipment able to produce, cut and fold plates from 4 mm to 12 mm.

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The latest generation painting facility installed at SpecialAcciai has a very low environmental impact, thanks to its special 3-stage filtration system, which ensures a substantial reduction in volatile substances;

Moreover, the facility is heated (to induce rapid exsiccation in the lamination cycles used during the core coating process) by innovative radiating panels which are electrically powered to avoid releasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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Standard product and customizing

SpecialAcciai provides for the planning of every "standard" product and customizing the choice of the materials when required by the client, in order to gain the best quality/price ratio.

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